Connects over EDGE, 3G and WiFi


Server scaling available when using UltraVNC or Vine for ultra-fast update.

The Parys Technografx PT Pocket Office has now moved onto the iPhone from the Pocket PC / Smartphone / Symbian mobile platforms where it originated with it`s VNC software..

This is the latest development of the VNC Pocket Office ( formally PT Pocket Office ) VNC remote control software, taking advantage of the exciting hardware found in the iPhone & iPod Touch.

This is our fastest VNC remote viewer for the iPhone using the power of the internal GPU and the simplest to use with its great 320 X 480 screen resolution and touch controls.

New features include Ctl-Alt-Del and Wakeup on Lan ( WOL ) as well as 2 control methods when connected.


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Developer news

VNC Pocket Office on the iPad and iPhone will be compatible with the new iPhone 5 and iPad mini as well as the iPad 3.


iPhone updates

New in 3.3 & 3.4

Retina display optimised
Option menu access changed to 3 finger tap
AMX Compatibility
Full view Full view of server display .
Optional save state per connection
Optional auto connection on program start.
On screen Joypad for active software interaction.
Improved sticky keys functionality.
WiFi connection indicator.
Resizable Mini map feature for fast movement over large or magnified screens.
Minor stability fixes

New in 3.2

Duplicat connection button. Inproved interface data entry. List screen rotations . User screen lock in help menu. BAD_TRIAGAL bug resolved

What's new in version 3.1:

Includes Bonjour discovery.
More information about connections. Sound cues.
iPad tested

What's new in version 3.0:

VNC Pocket Office 3.0 features a new extended keyboard entry mode "Ext".
This functions essentially the same way as the standard iPhone/iPod Touch keyboard but gives access to virtually every key on a PC or Mac.
The "Ext" keyboard mode has 3 main layouts: "aBc", "123" and "FN" and includes keys to switch quickly from one layout to another on all the layouts.


Parys Technografx on The iPad show Episode 9 Link Here to see or hear the interview on VNC and other topics.


iPad VNC Pocket Office Pro set for May release.