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Happiness Trainer for the iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch


Happiness Trainer


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WHAT PRICE HAPPINESS? :- Well apparently only $0.99 !

I know what you're thinking..."Really? Yet another 'Make me happier app' as if there were not enough apps to make me feel better as it is!"

Well, this is different... and I will stop you right there, because this is based on research conducted in CBM (Cognitive Bias Modification) that has shown under test to produce a more positive mental outlook.

Warning :- if you enjoy being sad and unhappy this app may not be for you! However, you may consider it a challenge.

Negative comments about the Happiness Trainer will be interpreted as unsuccessful utilisation of the benefits of the application; you need to use it more than you are at present.

For best results use for 10 minutes a day for a few weeks and then top up as required for a Happiness boost.

For negative results, feel free to purchase the app - but don't use it.



Happyness Trainer
click here to aquire Happiness ¨Cognitive Bias Modification may put the psychiatrist's couch out of business.¨


Happiness Trainer - What it is and how it works:

Essentially, it is brain training. Studies have shown that this positive reinforcement technique can reduce negative bias and anxiety, producing a more positive mental state.

Current research in CBM (Connective Bias Modification) shows that through "Brain Training", you can change a negative outlook to positive and thereby make yourself feel happier. Research in this field is readily available on the Internet, and many universities are actively studying CBM - Essex University amongst them - and many thousands of people have taken part.

Happiness Training is an app designed around the idea of positive mental reinforcement and should be looked on as an aid to promote a more positive outlook on life.

What to do:

Research has shown that using CBM training for ten minutes a day, a couple of times a week for over several weeks can show positive results, and can be used as a boost to gain a feeling of positive reinforcement.

You will see a set of sixteen faces arranged in a four-by-four array. Find the happy face amongst the images and tap on it. Repeat. That's it.

There is a timer in the bottom left-hand corner to count you down from the recommended 10 minutes, and a counter on the right to let you know if you have found more happy faces since the last time you completed a 10 minute training session.

Happiness Trainer - helping to promote a positive outlook in your life.


For more about the science involved goto