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VNC Remote software for the iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch

Parystec Technografx
VNC Pocket Office has a long pedigree of evolution on mobile devices. Created over 11 years ago on Microsoft Smartphone platforms VNC Pocket Office has been in continual development, which has culminated on the Pocket Office Pro VNC remote access software we now see on the Apple iOS iPad`s iPhone's`s and iPod Touch devices.
VNC Pocket Office Universal V5.0.6 Update your existing iPad software now.
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VNC Pocket Office Universal

VNC Pocket Office Pro Universal




Remote access software connecting you to your PC or Mac.



VNC Pocket Office


For the iPad 1/2/3/4/5 & mini, iPhone 3gs/4/4s/5 5s/c and iPad Touch.


☞ Can store up to 100 connection setups.
☞ Auto connect option + Lion login
☞ Live+ and Icon+ modes for magnification box
☞ Fast interpolation of data over 3/4G and WiFi + color modes
☞ Universal binary on iOS platforms.
☞ AMX Compatibility under VNC connection.
☞ Optional save state per connection.

and much more.


Requirements :-

Compatible with iPads, iPhones and iPod touch.

iOS 6.0 or later. WiFi or 3G, 4G, EDGE network connection required.Giving you remote access to windows 7 or Mountain Lion etc.




iOS 7 compatible. 32/64 bit compatible.




Available at iTunes


App Store



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VNC Pocket Office Pro Universal for remote access anywhere.




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With 30M users, DesktopClick Systems specializes in solutions that make it easy for consumers and small businesses to connect, protect and share networks, devices, and information safely and securely. SingleClick Systems users enjoy the peace-of-mind of self-configuring broadband networks and the flexibility of true content portability, between all Internet-connected devices. SingleClick Systems products are available worldwide, in more than 20 different languages.




Medical VNC product range

Real Time Remote Ultrasound




Interson Corporation a leading U.S. manufacturer of portable, point-of-care ultrasound imaging probes has had developed a Bespoke version of VNC Pocket Office Pro for the iPad by Parys Technografx Ltd to use alongside there range of ultrasound products.






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VNC has become an invaluable tool for IT professionals and non professionals alike, with the steady increase of bandwidth available over the internet connections using VNC is now more viable than ever. The transition to new and powerful mobile devices such as the iPad has made connections portable and convenient. A range of fast and easy to use software is now within everyone's reach across a profusion of hardware platforms.


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